Acting Resume

Doug Gallob
Doug Distinguished Doug Physical Doug Natural Doug Performing Doug Stage
  Distinguished Physical Natural Performing Stage

The Stones Cry Out Ian Robinson (South African minister) Theatre On Broadway - Jeremy Cole, director
The Foreigner Ellard Simms (the slow kid) Country Dinner Playhouse - Bill McHale, director
Do Black Patent Leather Shoes Really Reflect Up? Louis & Felix (understudy) Country Dinner Playhouse
Jaques Brel is Alive and Well (and Living in Paris) Ensemble (singing and dancing maniac) South Suburban Theatre Company - Charles Kocher, director
Seven Keys to Baldpate Police Officer (and substance abuser) South Suburban Theatre Company - Charles Kocher, director
Sealed in Time Henry (the dysfunctional husband) Changing Scene - Jeremy Cole, director
The Sound of Music Nazi/Ensemble Country Dinner Playhouse
Anything Goes Drunk/Ensemble Country Dinner Playhouse

Bryan Charles Ghost of an Overdosed Redneck Racist Heroin Junkie Souls (Series Pilot - 2016)
Nathan Stueve Stan Works (CEO of Tech Company) Wi-Free (Short Film - 2016)
Zack Parinella Wordy Scientist Half Built House (Short Film - 2015)
Peace World Productions Henry (Friend of Jake) The Earth is Flat (Feature Film - Production 2011-2014)
The Code Productions James Baxter (Evil Head of the NSA) The Code - Genesis (Feature Film 2011)
Kudzu Productions German Psychoanalyst US Army Safety Center Fall/Winter 2011 Safety Campaign
ASP Films Rick (Gay Neighbor) Self Portrait (Feature Film)
Humane Society of Boulder Valley Frisbee Chasing Human Public Service Announcement
The Cable Center Board Member Training Promo
100 Fold Films Blind Man Hermann Hermann (Feature Film)
Channel 4 Yuppie Nerd News Promo
Soundtrack Psycho Punk Stereo Component Sale (Commercial)
McNeil Enterprises Redneck Racist Red Horses (Trailer)
Viacom Extra Father Dowling (TV Series)

Additional Skills

Odd stuff that might come in handy for some character:

Fitness (cycling, yoga, running, weights)
Outdoors (hunting, fishing, camping, hiking)
Musician (vocals, guitar, bass)
Audio engineering (production recording, post-production audio)
Fencing (barbed wire and chain link, not swords and rapiers)
General computer geekery


Haven't had a chance to assemble a comprehensive acting reel yet, but here are links to a couple of recent short acting projects:

Doug Playing Stan Works (lead - CEO of tech company) - 2016. This is the trailer from the kickstarter promo. Just skip ahead 37 seconds to see the trailer.
Doug Playing Scientist for scene in Half Built House - 2015 (during vocal cord paralysis - speaking voice is healed now.).
Doug Playing Psychiatrist in 30s spot for US Army's 2011 Fall/Winter Safety Campaign.
Doug as Dog's Frisbee Chasing Human in 30s spot for Boulder Humane Society.

Behind the Scenes

Doug has done a whole dang stinkin' wad o' work behind the scenes, specifically in film scoring, location sound, and post-production sound. You can check out some of that falderal in Doug's production resume.


From Souls - 2016 (Makeup by the amazing Ruby Thompson)
Doug before makeup (2016) Doug as Racist Redneck Heroin Junkie (2016) Doug as Ghost of Racist Redneck Heroin Junkie (2016)
Doug, No makeup Redneck Racist Heroin Junkie Ghost of a Redneck Racist Heroin Junkie