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Custom Bass Lines
What It Is:

Have a custom bass line written and recorded for your song, by a professional bassist, for as little as $149. If bass is not your primary instrument, stop wasting your time trying to do it yourself!! I've been writing and recording bass lines for over 20 years. I can find the feel of your song and deliver a track that enhances your vision. If for some reason I don't think I can do justice to your song, I'll tell you as soon as I hear it.

I don't do "flashy". If you want flashy, you should probably hire a different bassist. I do solid. It is extremely important to me to write lines that fit and enhance the song you've already written.


Check out a few examples just to give you an idea:

Title Description
Excerpts from "10,000 Hours" © 2004 Lilly Scott Lilly Scott is one of the hottest new singer/songwriters in Denver right now. Lilly knocked out these guitar and vocal tracks in one take for a demo. I worked out this bass part to fit the style and mood of her song.
Excerpts from "Jade" © 2004 Lilly Scott Another "one take" by Lilly from the same session.
Excerpts from "Love Limit" © 1987 Doug Gallob Driving intro and chorus against blues walking verse.
Excerpts from "I Wanna Be a Cowboy" © 1997 Doug Gallob A straight walking cowboy line provides counterpoint to the harmonica melody.
Excerpts from "Chicken Fat" © 1988 Doug Gallob Basic blues with contrasting 4/4 section.
Excerpts from "Love To You" © 2001 Doug Gallob Basic blues walk, then bass gets out of the way for flute solo, then bass takes over with solo.
Excerpts from "Just a Guy" © 1996 Doug Gallob Contrasting bass lines for contrasting sections.
Excerpts from "My Judy Takes Me To The Zoo" © 2000 Doug Gallob More contrasting bass lines for contrasting sections.
How it Works:

First: this is personal, custom work, especially for you, so if you don't like any of the steps in the process below, just Contact us. Doug will respond personally to discuss your specific project, vision, and needs.

Now, here's roughly how the process works:

  1. You send us some stuff:
    • YOUR CONTACT INFO. Nothing else will matter if we can't get a hold of you.
    • A check or money order for $149 made out to "Aural Hygiene". You'll have to use regular snail mail for this part, as we are not yet set up to accept credit card payments.
    • a copy of the tracks you have so far:
      • By snail mail, since you need to do this for the step above anyway. PLEASE DON'T EMAIL TRACKS - You'll blow out our email size quotas, so it won't get through to us anyway.
      • Mixed into a single mono or stereo sound file. You may send individual tracks, but they are not necessary.
      • MP3, WAV, or AIFF formats on CD are fine. Doublecheck first if you want to send a different format.
      • MAKE SURE ANY SOUND FILES START AT TIME=0! Even if the first measure or two is just silence. If we both agree to start at Time=0, you will receive a track you can just drop in your DAW at time=0 and it will sync up fine. Otherwise, you'll need to slide the track we deliver to the right spot in time.
      • If you recorded to a click track, leave it in the mix. It will be helpful.
      • We don't need master quality tracks. We just need to hear the song well enough to fit the bass line in.
    • Ordinarily, we will presume that your tracks are the final performance and timing reference. In other words, Doug will write and record to the performance and timing of the tracks that you send. If this is not the case, please let us know. For example, maybe you want to send tracks that are just a voice/guitar demo, with no drums or metronome, and you want a bass part recorded to a click track to be your underlying starting point, so you can re-record your other parts against a rhythmically solid base.
    • If you've got chord chart and/or lyrics, send them. They are helpful.
    • If you have specific artistic notes, let us know.
  2. Doug will listen to your tracks and contact you to ask and answer any questions you or he may have. If you have a contact preference (phone, e-mail, ...), make it clear in your initial request.
  3. Doug will compose and record the bass line and make a rough mix of your track and the bass line available via ftp. (MP3 unless you specify otherwise).
  4. You listen and approve. If needed, one composition revision (you want to tweak what was written) and one performance revision (you want to tweak the way it was performed/recorded) are included in the standard price. Additional revisions are charged at an hourly rate of $45/hour
  5. Once you approve, we deliver the master quality track, as follows, unless you specify otherwise:
    • Available via ftp (snail mail by request)
    • Dry (we presume you want to add your own effects - reverb, etc. - unless you tell us otherwise)
    • WAV (RIFF), 24-bit, 44kHz
    • Mono (unless you tell us where you'd like it placed in the stereo field)
  6. We cash your check and spend it on cheap whiskey and loose women.
  7. You collect millions in royalties because your new smash hit just climbed to #1 on Billboard.