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Original Music by Doug Gallob

Doug Gallob is available to write music specifically for your purposes, particularly for film, TV, and commercials. Whether you need as little as a scene transition or an entire film score, Doug can guarantee music that:

Because so much of Doug's music is difficult to describe in words or to classify by genre, he created several montages of his instrumental work to help you decide QUICKLY whether his writing style might meet your needs. Choose the montage most appropriate to your needs:

If you're intrigued by what you hear, or if you are looking for songs with lyrics (sorry we don't have a montage for songs yet), you can browse the entire catalog of existing work or skim through Doug's work in our handy dandy jukebox.

While browsing and exploring the music catalog is highly encouraged, we don't want to waste your time. If you contact us with your specific needs, we will point you directly to some appropriate samples so you don't have to waste time fishing around in the catalog. The idea is to help you as quickly as possible! Doug will also respond personally to discuss your project and your vision if you like.

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