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Doug plays trombone and bass

Engineering for the Angels of Avalon

Winning the World Championships of the Performing Arts

Doug and Stu with Rough Draft and Rachael Lampa

Just Desserts at the ever colorful Cannon Mine

Pretending to be a guitar player at the Daily Brew

Emily Celebrates Christmas

Annie Celebrates Christmas

Kristen Celebrates Christmas

Breann Celebrates Christmas

Funky James Celebrates Christmas

Stu Celebrates Christmas

Breanna and Jamie Celebrate Christmas

The Fabulous Bellboys Celebrate Christmas

The Dynamic Doug Davy Duo

Doug hits the Congas in Indianapolis

Doug works New Orleans with the Notorious Bill Chapman

Oh No!!! Doug is stuck to the flesh magnet again!!

Running Late - version 2.0

Doug contemplates the vastness of the universe in Hawaii

What Doug looks like when he walks around on the inside of his own mind

Judy shows us what a real smile looks like.

Seaweed - no photo gallery is complete without it.