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Acqua Fuori Dal Ring

  2012 Rome International Film Festival - Official Selection  
  2012 Berlin Film Festival - Official Selection  
  2013 Taormina Film Festival - Official Selection  
  2013 Annecy Italian Film Festival - Official Selection  
  2013 Starz Denver Film Festival - Official Selection  
  2013 San Marino Film Festival - Official Selection  

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History repeats itself in an intertwined story of two boxers struggling to survive inside and outside of the ring. Toscano, a young Sicilian, is fighting against his past. Barca, an African immigrant, is fighting for his future. When the tide changes, they have to fight for the present, as they battle against the realities of life in Sicily. The film weaves the sights, sounds and emotions of a gritty boxing tale within the context of broken relationships, hardships, and the cycles of Mediterranean history.

What a beautiful country! And what a wonderful time I had capturing sound for this film. I also had the privelege of doing the post production audio for this one. The sound design was a blast!


Film Studies professor, Dr. Oliver C. Speck, said some really nice things about Acqua in a review he wrote for Film International Magazine about the Taormina festival, pointing out that Acqua was " of the best films of the festival." (This amongst such company as Hollywood's "Man of Steel" and "The Lone Ranger"). You can read the full review here:
The 59th Taormina Film Fest (Acqua review starts about 2/3 down the page).

Main Film Site:Acqua Fuori Dal Ring
Executive Producer:Sami Ibrahim
Producer:Angelo Di Guardia
Director:Joel Stangle
Screenplay:Joel and Esther Stangle
Original Score:Simona Di Gregorio
Cinematography:Clint Litton
Sound:Doug Gallob
Assistant Director/Location Manager:Stefania Milazzo
Assistant Camera/Key Grip:Nunzio Gringeri
Assistant Camera/Gaffer:Dan Gutt
Art Direction/Production Assistant:Neena Litton
Script Supervisor/Production Assistant:Judy Elliott
Toscano:Enrico Toscano
Delia:Elisa Pennisi
Barca:Ahmed Faraone Ahassan
Zara:Maria Benkhalouk
Mario:Marco Pagliaro
Tahir:Anwar Ong Bak
Zio:Orazio Spampinato
Allenatore di Toscano:Aroldo Donini
Padre Di Delia:Franco Leonardi
Fratello Di Delia:Salvatore Pavone
Allenatore Di Barca:Giuseppe Brischetto
Antonio:Emanuele Rausi
Carmelo:Carmelo Di Guardia
Mamadou:Khalifa Assane Diop
Marco Giunio:Carmelo Nicolosi

Cast and Crew of Acqua Fuori Dal Ring, if you worked on this film and you're not on this link list, it's just an oversight on my part. Drop me a note (and web link if you've got one (or an email address if you want to allow people to contact you)). I'll put you up!!