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Colfax & 15th

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Colfax and 15th is a feature film about a bounty hunter, Isaac. Isaac has a dangerous job and a baby on the way. Something's got to give.

I had the pleasure of capturing most of the location sound on this film and doing the audio post production and sound design.

I didn't create the music for this one. The beautiful music on this one was produced by director Stephen Santa Cruz.

Main Film Site:Trailer Site
Director:Stephen Santa Cruz
Written and Produced:Stephen Santa Cruz
 Joel Stangle
Cinematography:Joel Stangle
 Bill Hanson
Original Score:Stephen Santa Cruz
Sound Design:Doug Gallob
SteadiCam Operator:Alan Dague-Green
Location Sound:Doug Gallob
Editor:Paco Freses
End Titles:Stephen Villari
Additional Music:"What Child Is This" (traditional)
 Arranged and Performed by Just Desserts:
 Bill Chapman - Vocals, Mandolin
 Tom Chapman - Vocals, Guitar
 Jim Loats - Vocals, Dobro
 Doug Gallob - Vocals, Bass
Isaac:Joseph Trujillo
Alicia:Ariana Sanchez
Rome:Jim Whiteman
Vince:Ketrick "Jazz" Copeland
Tom:Peter Burghart
Vanessa:Kristen Carrol
Leon Quintana:Terry Gatewood
Grampa:Sisto Martinez
Bond Customer:Jarrad Jackson
Transit Passenger:Bill Hanson
Parents:Katie Salas
 Andrew Salas
Child:Ethan Salas
Thugs:Carlos Villarreal
 Gabe Martinez
 Louie Nieves
 Johnny Sierra
Lil' Ray:Robert Stroud
Dealer:Ruben Colmonero
Smoker:Joseph Jaramillo
Muscle:Andrew Salas
Junkies:Charles Candelaria
 Peter Burghart
Vanessa's Son:Solomon Bailey
BoysRiley Santasteven
 Ali Santasteven
Daniel "Junior" QuintanaHimself

Cast and Crew of Colfax & 15th, if you worked on this film and you're not on this link list, it's just an oversight on my part. Drop me a note (and web link if you've got one (or an email address if you want to allow people to contact you)). I'll put you up!!