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Flesh Magnet - Doug Gallob

Flesh Magnet Cover
DOUG GALLOB: Flesh Magnet

Flesh Magnet, by Doug Gallob, is a cheap, poorly-maintained roller coaster thrill ride, administered by a smelly, disheveled, stubble-bearded, cigar smoking, whiskey soaked carnie geek - only less smelly. It's a weird, eclectic ride through a twisted mind, through landscapes of rock and blues to avante-garde and country western. Notice - Once you lock your lap belt, you can't step off the ride.

Hear samples below:

Samples and Lyrics:
  1. Just a Guy
  2. Chicken Fat
  3. Schrodinger's Dog
  4. Love Limit
  5. My Dear Mabel
  6. 12 Tones in C
  7. Love to You
  8. My Judy Takes Me to the Zoo
  9. Flesh Magnet
  10. Her Daddy was a Dangerous Man
Patrick Griggs:Guitar on "Chicken Fat"
Stuart Whitmore:Guitar on "My Dear Mabel"
Terry Skaggs:Guitar on "Her Daddy was a Dangerous Man"
Bill Chapman:Mandolin on "Her Daddy was a Dangerous Man"
Anita Leyden:Cello on "Her Daddy was a Dangerous Man"
Greta Von Duyke:Background vocals on "Her Daddy was a Dangerous Man"
Doug Gallob:All other instruments, songwriting, tracking, mixing, mastering, and CD graphics.
Judy Elliott:Flesh Magnet