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Hermann Hermann Soundtrack - Doug Gallob

Hermann Hermann

Directed by Joel Stangle, "Hermann Hermann" is film noir with a delicious Hitchcockian flavor.

Someone has murdered Hermann Hermann. Or have they? Arthur, on his last day as a detective, recognizes the name of the victim from a case he handled on his first day, 25 years ago. Now he cannot let the case rest. He must know the truth about Hermann Hermann.

"This film was so much fun to work on. The music needed to be very suspenseful, and very dangerous. It really needed to evoke the musical flavors of the classic noir films. I relied heavily on traditional string orchestration in some places (think Bernard Hermann's "Psycho" soundtrack) and on intimate jazz orchestrations in others (think "Harlem Nocturne"). I left most of the performances as rough and as dangerous as I thought I could get away with."

--- Doug Gallob

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Listen to samples below. Also find links to cast and crew below.



  1. Opening Titles (Hermann's Theme) (1:50) (favorite)
  2. Blind Man Finds Body (0:57) (favorite)
  3. Crime Scene (1:07)
  4. Car Crash Leadup (0:25)
  5. Car Crash Aftermath (1:14) (favorite)
  6. One More Day (Martha's Theme) (2:23) (favorite)
  7. Funeral (1:44)
  8. Distance and The Diner (0:57)
  9. Chess Boards 1 (1:04)
  10. Chess Boards 2 (2:57)
  11. Chess Boards 3 (2:49)
  12. Chasing Felix (0:30)
  13. Hermann's Apartment (3:21) (favorite)
  14. Hermann's Plan (0:43)
  15. Arthur's Dream (0:15)
  16. Hermann's Nightmare (2:18)
  17. Arthur Wakes Up (0:38)
  18. Arthur and Hermann Discover Hermann (1:03)
  19. Stalking Felix (1:44)
  20. The Last Game (2:31)
  21. Mirrors (1:16) (favorite)
  22. Hermann Haunted 1 (0:40)
  23. Hermann Haunted 2 (0:24)
  24. Closing Titles (Arthur's Theme) (1:36) (favorite)
  25. BONUS TRACK - One More Day (Martha's Theme) before "old vinyl" processing. (2:11)
Main Film Site:Joel's Blog Spot
Director:Joel Stangle
Director of Photography:Joel Stangle
Producer:Christine Hager
Editor:Friedrich Hager
Original Score:Doug Gallob
Post Production Audio:Doug Gallob
Additional Crew:Serina Montoya
 Alex Palma
 Amanda Candelaria
Hermann Hermann:Nils Kiehn
Arthur:Scott Swaggart
Leonard:Arthur Martinez
Marshall:Patrick A. Wolf
Ms. Huston:Haley Johnson
Young Hermann:Tyler Lee Montoya
PsychoTheRapist:Richard D. Knight
Captain:James Whiteman
Martha:Nichole Rhode
Man at Chessboard 1:Christopher Lee
Man at Chessboard 2:Tom Kennedy
Wretched Cousin:Melody West
Preacher:Alex Palma
Funeral Guests:Serina Montoya
 Charles Candelaria
 Ana Rodriguez
Blind Man:Doug Gallob
Car Driver:Rusty Montoya

Cast and Crew of Hermann Hermann, if you worked on this film and you're not on this link list, it's just an oversight on my part. Drop me a note (and web link if you've got one (or an email address if you want to allow people to contact you)). I'll put you up!!