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Skeletal Dreams Soundtrack - Doug Gallob

Winner 1st Place, Short Film, 2007 Global Art Film Festival Hollywood!!

Skeletal Dreams

Directed by Davon Johnson. Although not easy to interpret, a young woman's dreams of her future foretell her fate.

"The film Skeletal Dreams walks a fine line between drama, suspense and horror. I rounded up an Alien Synth Orchestra to play music that walks that same line."

--- Doug Gallob

Listen to samples below. Also find links to cast and crew below.

See an interview with Director Davon Johnson and Producer Kimma Drake on youtube.


Tracks marked by asterisks (*) are more thematic. The rest are more atmospheric.

  1. Opening Titles *
  2. First Phone Call
  3. Second Phone Call
  4. Third Phone Call
  5. Wedding March * (favorite)
  6. Conversation with Tuxedo Man
  7. Transition to Second Dream
  8. Conversation with Girl
  9. Church Chase * (favorite)
  10. Future Creatures * (favorite)
  11. Bloody Hands
  12. Closing Titles * (favorite)
Main Film Site:Skeletal Dreams
Producer/Screenplay:Kimma Drake
Director/Producer:Davon Johnson
Director of Photography:Lowel Pierce
Lighting/Gaffer:Mark Alston
Sound:Jeff Archuleta
Post Production Sound:Doug Gallob
Editor:Mark Fukae
Original Score:Doug Gallob
Dreamer:Alexandria St. Aubin
Girl:Alex Delvecchio
Tuxedo Man:Marcus Pettigrew
Father:Mark Colquitt

Cast and Crew of Skeletal Dreams, if you worked on this film and you're not on this link list, it's just an oversight on my part. Drop me a note (and web link if you've got one (or an email address if you want to allow people to contact you)). I'll put you up!!