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Projects we get to take some credit for.

For a life changing experience, click a project below. (O.K. maybe it won't change your life, but you can hear samples, see previews, see credits, buy a copy for yourself, and be generally amused.)

Profumo Di Lumia, a film by Joel Stangle (sound by Doug Gallob)

Schrödinger's Dog, a film by Doug Gallob

Sidetracks, a CD by Just Desserts (with Doug Gallob) buy Sidetracks by Just Desserts

Acqua Fuori Dal Ring, a film by Joel Stangle (sound by Doug Gallob)

Colfax & 15th, a film by Stephen Santa Cruz (sound by Doug Gallob)

Amazing Grace, a film by Davon Johnson and Doug Reichlin (sound by Doug Gallob)

Alana Nichols, a film by Standing Point Films (sound by Doug Gallob)

Hermann Hermann, a film by Joel Stangle (score by Doug Gallob)

Skeletal Dreams, a film by Davon Johnson (score by Doug Gallob)

Flesh Magnet, a CD by Doug Gallob buy Flesh Magnet by Doug Gallob

Voices of Crawford, a film by Napnoggin Productions (score by Doug Gallob)

More projects below...

Projects we've been too busy to build a separate page for (yet):

I usually like to create a separate page for each of the projects I've worked on, but as you can tell by the dates on some of the projects below, I've been swamped lately! I'll make pages for these more recent projects when I get time.