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Rates for Services and Licensing

General Notes on Rates

A few people spew coffee through their nose when they see my standard rates. Because I care about the cleanliness and dryness of your computer keyboard and your important documents, I need to give you a brief warning before you continue.

  1. If my rates seem high, it is because they reflect the skill, care, experience, education, quality, and customer service that go into my products and services. You WILL get more than your money's worth.
  2. All of my service rates are based on my standard hourly Audio Engineering rate and go DOWN from there. The rate reduction is based on numerous criteria such as volume or steadiness of work.
  3. It's rarely necessary to pay me full price. I offer a number of discounts. Most people qualify for one or more of these discounts.

Rates are broken down in the following categories:

General Audio Engineering Rates

General hourly rate: $60/hr

For the standard hourly rate you can use me in whatever audio engineering capacity you like; tracking, mixing, mastering, editing, ADR, dialog cleanup, vocal removal, field recording, key changes, analysis, composition, training, live sound mixing, or whatever else you can think up. This rate includes the use of any equipment I own that might be needed to get the job done.

Film Production Sound (Location Sound Recording) Rates

Day Rate (5-10hrs) - Single Man Crew (use me as Mixer, Boom Op, Cable Utility or combination of all three): $400/day

Half Day Rate (<5hrs) - Single Man Crew (same as above): $250 per 1/2 day

Multi-person sound crew: No Standard Rate - Contact Us

Location Sound rates include reasonable transportation within the Denver Metro area and use of any necessary equipment I own (See Equipment List)

Post Production Film Sound Rates

This category includes whole-package, project-oriented post production audio with sound design, dialog cleanup, EQ, Foley, FX, reverb, ADR, whatever it takes to make your soundtrack sound wonderful. If you want to do individual pieces like "just dialog cleanup" or "just ADR", the pricing will more likely fall under the general engineering rates.

I am slow, tweaky, precise, noodly, exacting, and demanding when it comes to post-production film sound, so no one in their right mind can afford to pay my standard hourly rate for the number of hours I will put into your project. By necessity then, all project-based post-production audio work is negotiated.

Project Based Post Production Audio Rates: No Standard Rate - Contact Us with details about your project. I pick and choose these as they come up.

Film Scoring / Composing Rates

My rates for composing and producing music are highly negotiable based on many different considerations, including things like:

Film Scoring / Music Composition Rates: No Standard Rate - Contact Us with details about your project.

License Existing Music

Rates for licensing existing music will depend primarily on usage. Size of audience? Film? DVD? Broadcast? Commercial? Worldwide? Festival-Only? Games? Audio Books? Something else?

I own all rights to most of the songs in my catalog so I can quickly grant most types of licenses: sync, master use, mechanical, step licenses etc., but I need to know your intended use in order to give you a quote.

Rates to License Existing Music: No Standard Rate - Contact Us with usage details.

Teaching Rates

I do all my teaching through the Academy of the Arts in Denver. Please contact the Academy of the Arts for their latest rates and to schedule any training. Because they have a number of different teachers, be sure to let them know that you'd like to work with Doug Gallob.


The "Volume" Discount - If your project will take longer than a few hours, in tidy, convenient chunks of my schedule, I'll probably charge you less than my standard hourly rate. If your project will take more than a few days, in tidy, convenient chunks of my schedule, I'll probably charge you less than my standard day rate.

The "Regular Customer That I Really Enjoy Working With, Who Brings Me Steady Work, and Always Pays on Time" Discount - I think the title of this discount pretty much describes it all.

The "This Will Be Great Exposure" Discount - Exposure - Isn't that what you die from? This discount is harder to get than you might think because my definition of "great exposure" is probably a little more strict than your definition. But hey, if James Cameron or Steven Spielberg are attached to your project, be sure to let me know.

The "My Odds of Making Wheelbarrows Full of Money on the Backend Are So High That I Can Afford to Discount the Frontend" Discount - Again, this discount is a little harder to obtain. You'll have to be incredibly convincing, but I'm not opposed to investing sweat equity in a project for a later, greater payoff.

The "Make Me an Offer" Discount - This is probably our most popular discount. In order to qualify for this discount you have to... (wait for it..., wait for it...) That's right - You have to make me an offer. You'd be surprised how many people qualify for this discount. Depending on how busy I am and what my schedule looks like, I may just accept. Even if I don't accept, I'll never be offended by your offer, no matter how bad you try to lowball me, and I might even make a counter offer.

The "Sex for Audio" Discount - In order to qualify for this discount you have to... What? Oh wait. My beautiful wife, Judy, just informed me that offering you this discount would place me in mortal danger. I trust her judgment a great deal in these matters, so perhaps we'd best skip this one.