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"Chicken Fat" by Doug Gallob
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Chicken Fat - Doug Gallob

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Blues A song about not fitting in. playful, quirky, outcast, eating, weirdo, blues, food
1988 Doug Gallob
Copyright Registration #: SR 321-688
ASCAP Title Code: 330975138
Albums: CD1002
1988 Doug Gallob

I went to school
I got straight "A"s
Big man on campus
All of my days
They wanted to make me
president of the frat
Until they learned that
I like chicken fat

Some dudes were jammin'
They said "Why don't you play?"
They heard my music and
asked me to stay
They started out thinkin'
I was a real cool cat,
But then it slipped out
I like chicken fat

I like chicken fat,
Chicken fat is where it's at
Chicken fat - bring it to me
in a great big, great big
steaming vat

You can keep your potatoes
You can keep your steak
Feed your caviar to the cat
Toss your liver in the lake
Maybe one pig's eyeball
or the wing of a gnat
But what I really love is
chicken fat


(guitar solo)

Chicken Fat
Instrumentation and Credits:
guitar: Patrick Griggs
bass, vocals, drums: Doug Gallob
What Was He Thinking??!!??

I had just played one of my many weird songs for some friends and fellow performers. They insisted on giving me a hard time about it. One of my friends, David Zambrano (a great guy and talented singer/guitarist), said 'You could probably write a song about anything. You should write a song about chicken fat.' (chicken fat being a common sub-thread of our conversation - we were working in an establishment that served food at the time). Needless to say, I took this as a challenge. What came out was a song about not quite fitting in. I think many of us can relate to not quite fitting in, even though we may not really like chicken fat. (No, in case you were curious, I really don't like chicken fat either).

-- Doug Gallob