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"I'll Be Damned" by Doug Gallob
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I'll Be Damned - Doug Gallob

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Country ROUGH DEMO - A song about the moral conflict a lot of us feel when somebody hits us up for a handout. guilt, panhandler, homeless, bum, moral ambiguity, give or not, street person, consequences, responsibility
2006 Doug Gallob
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2006 Doug Gallob

I was chilly as I walked to the door where I work
From the warmth of my car in the lot where he stopped me
and said, “Brother, can you help me out?”

Well he seemed nice enough, but I was just a little gruff
It was thirteen degrees and I didn’t have the time so I
Lied, “I haven’t got a dime.”

I’ll be damned in eternal perpetuity, for my wishy-washy moral ambiguity 
Do I have a buck to give? Does he need a buck to live? 
Or is he the type of spender, who’ll just burn it on a bender? 
Sometimes you just guess and do your best.

He could see my leather jacket and my SUV 
I wasn’t fooling anybody who could see
He said, “You’re not as broke as me.”

I said, “Sorry, not today and I turned to walk away” 
Then I did the only thing my guilty soul could do   
I looked back and said, “good luck to you”. 


Well it never made the papers, but I’ve wondered ever since
When that icy night gave up it’s darkness, did they find his frozen carcass
Where the rail yard meets the fence?

Instrumentation and Credits:
Guitar, Vocals: Doug Gallob 
What Was He Thinking??!!??

This is a true story. After I told the guy I wasn't going to give him anything and wished him luck, he said, "Alright, but you've got to sing a song about me." I said, "I will. I'll have to write one." This is it.

-- Doug Gallob