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"By The End Of Today" by Doug Gallob
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By The End Of Today - Doug Gallob

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Folk A song about a guy with troubles, but he'll be done with his troubles by the end of today because of the love of a good woman. plaintive, folk?, a little bit of an Irish pub sound, hard life, love, getting over it, redemption, yodeling,
2005 Doug Gallob
Copyright Registration #: SRu611-449
ASCAP Title Code: NA
Albums: CD1005
2005 Doug Gallob

I’ve been broken down by the side of the road
No form of conveyance to carry my load
With snow in my shoes to cool down my blisters
Til you came along to carry me home

I’ve been beaten down by the doubts in my head
No fear is as great as what cannot be said
I squirmed like a worm and I stewed in my juices
Til you gave me words to banish my fears

Yodel – ay – ee – ay Good fortune will double
When I bury my trouble with the cold and the grey
Yodel – ay – ee – ay Press on to tomorrow
Cause I’ll shed all my sorrow by the end of today

I married a demon who orphaned my children
I married an angel who knew what it meant
I’ve loved and I’ve won and I’ve loved and I’ve lost
But it’s always been worth whatever it cost

(repeat chorus)

I’ve never been ever a light in the rain 
But the darkness will drive you insane
If I make my love laugh by the end of today
Then I’ll never again complain

(instrumental on verse chords) 
Instrumentation and Credits:
Recorded by Just Desserts: 

Doug Gallob: vocals, bass
Bill Chapman: vocals, mandolin
Tom Chapman: vocals, guitar
Jim Loats: vocals, Dobro  
What Was He Thinking??!!??

This one started with the music. The lyrics came later.

-- Doug Gallob