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"I'm Hungry Now" by Doug Gallob
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I'm Hungry Now - Doug Gallob

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Usage Info (Theme/Mood/Genre):
Genre Description Themes, Moods, Comments Additional Info
Rocking Country IN PROGRESS (Rough demo) a song about getting sidetracked from dinner by other appetites. racous, exuberant, hot girl, cooking dinner, dinner date, distraction, sex
2005 Doug Gallob
Copyright Registration #: SRu611-449
ASCAP Title Code: NA
Albums: NA
2005 Doug Gallob


(verse 1:)
She had me home to dinner the other night
I picked out a nice red wine
She met me at the door with a great big smile
I’ve never seen a woman look so fine

She was flinging flour
She was filletin’ fishes
I swear to God she was looking delicious

Put that bread back in the basket
Leave your chicken in the oven
That pie can cool awhile 
While you give your man some lovin’
We’re gonna need the counter
Put a cover on the chow
Baby, we can eat later cause I’m hungry now

(verse 2:)
When she walked into the kitchen I was right behind her 
I might as well have been wearing blinders
I’m sure I’d like her cookin’ if I’d ever try it
But she’s the only item on my special diet

She was dicin’ and slicin’ 
She was dirtyin’ dishes
I swear to God she was looking delicious


(instrumental on verse:)


Baby, we can eat later cause I’m hungry now

Instrumentation and Credits:
This rough demo is just Doug Gallob on guitar and vocals.
What Was He Thinking??!!??

O.K. I was missing Judy after a long day at work

-- Doug Gallob