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"My Judy Takes Me to the Zoo" by Doug Gallob
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My Judy Takes Me to the Zoo - Doug Gallob

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? I'm not sure. You tell me (Feedback)? A song about Judy, a very fun girl. upbeat, uptempo, fun, quirky, love, circus, zoo, Hawaii, fun lover,
2000 Doug Gallob
Copyright Registration #: SR 321-688
ASCAP Title Code: 430886330
Albums: CD1002
2000 Doug Gallob

My Judy takes me to the zoo
She takes me to the circus too
My Judy never leaves me blue
I love her true indeed I do

My Judy took me to Hawaii
She bought me a bird of paradise
We climbed to the top of a volcano
But we skipped the sacrifice

She took me to my favorite restaurant
For crackers, jam, and tea
She always laughs at everything
She even laughs at me


She makes me take my shoes off
When we go jumping on the bed
But she always takes her boots off
Before she dances through my head

She took me deep inside myself
Searching for my soul
I always keep her in there now
Where there used to be a hole



I'd follow Judy through the desert
I'd follow Judy to the sea
I'd follow Judy anywhere, cause
Judy is the girl for me


Instrumentation and Credits:
bass, vocals, kazoo, pretend instruments (drums, Rhodes piano, vibraphone, steel guitar): Doug Gallob
What Was He Thinking??!!??

I found this girl, Judy. She is absolutely beautiful. She is smart. She's caring and good. But, most of all she's very fun and almost as goofy as I am. She's probably the most fun (or is that funnest?) girl I've ever met --- So I had to marry her and write a song about her. No song will ever completely do her justice, but at least this one is fun."

-- Doug Gallob