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"Love Limit" by Doug Gallob
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Love Limit - Doug Gallob

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Rock A song about whether there is a limit to love. hard driving, unstoppable love, speed limit, uptempo, driving fast, relationships
1987 Doug Gallob
Copyright Registration #: SR 321-688
ASCAP Title Code: 420777477
Albums: CD1002
1987 Doug Gallob

There is no limit to my love
There is no limit to love
There is no love limit

The neighbors say I love too much
They say I'd better hold out
They say you only have so much
So you'd better ration it out
But giving you my love doesn't empty the sack
All the love I give gives me so much back


Seeing you, my heart rate jumps
But it's faster when we touch
Holding you, my adrenaline pumps
When we're apart, I miss you so much

Let the neighbors know
they can throw away their scales
They can break their meter sticks in two
They can take their bushel baskets and
turn them into caskets
No finite measure will describe my love for you


You drive my heart with your eyes
You drive my heart with your smile
You drive my heart with your kiss
You drive me faster with every mile

I see the neighbors try to put up signs
But the writing is just a blur
No love police are fast enough to take us - 
Where we are

There is nobody that can stop my love
There is nothing that can stop my love
The more I squander, the more I have
The more I love, the more I love the more I
love the more I love the more I love

Instrumentation and Credits:
bass, vocals, trombone, pretend drums : Doug Gallob
What Was He Thinking??!!??

This was written in response to the message that love comes in some finite quantity. I don't buy this. I don't think that loving one person more causes you to love another less. Love is not some bag of rice, with only so much to go around. Go out and love. You'll have plenty left over. I guarantee it.

-- Doug Gallob