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"My Dear Mabel" by Doug Gallob
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My Dear Mabel - Doug Gallob

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? I'm not sure. You tell me (Feedback)? A song about a girl who seems sweet. But wait, she's crazy! ballad shifting to rock, sweet angel, violent psycho chick, chainsaw, loving the wrong person, trapped in a bad relationship
1992 Doug Gallob
Copyright Registration #: SR 321-688
ASCAP Title Code: 430886312
Albums: CD1002
1992 Doug Gallob

When we met I saw your sweet disposition
You've got those innocent angel eyes
You made me lose every inhibition
When you smile at me you hypnotize

I never suspected things were not as they should be
I never noticed a flaw
Then you cooked my breakfast for me
And buttered my toast with a chainsaw

My dear Mabel, you're so unstable
I've seen you snap like a cranked up cable
And when you go, you take me with you
I'd love to love you, but I don't
Know if I'm able

You know the snake in my shoe was just a little unruly
I didn't mean to make you mad
I think you reacted just a little unduly
When he bit my foot, it made me feel so sad


I've never met a woman who could handle a steak knife like you do, Mabel
Hey, I know that you know Tae Kwon Do… and that's O.K. It's alright
Do you remember when we had glassware in the house, Mabel?
Hey, I've got a great idea! Let's do things your way tonight, Dear

We hit the club and you were dressed up skin-tight
You're such a sensuous dancer
I couldn't tell by the end of the night
Was I making love or being mauled by a panther?

My dear Mabel, you're so unstable
I've seen you snap like a cranked up cable
And when you go, you take me with you
I'd love to leave you, but I don't
Know if I'm able

Instrumentation and Credits:
guitar: Stuart Whitmore
bass, vocals, pretend drums, pretend flute: Doug Gallob
What Was He Thinking??!!??

I knew a woman like this once (the names have been changed to protect the guilty). It was the most horrifying thing I've ever lived through, but eventually I got away. The real story would have been far too depressing, so I lightened it up a little. The character in the song is not quite as villainous as the one in real life.

-- Doug Gallob