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"Make a Stand" by Doug Gallob
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Make a Stand - Doug Gallob

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Country ROUGH DEMO - A song about love and commitment and one night stands. sweet, love, commitment
2006 Doug Gallob
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2006 Doug Gallob

She was working in a diner by the railroad tracks
She almost didn’t notice when he came in
He lingered a lot longer than the other diners
He drank too much coffee, cause she poured it with a grin.

The place was closing down. They were the only two left. 
He was working up his courage. He was headed to the door. 
It was stumbled more than spoken, “Can I be with you tonight?”   
She smiled a little sigh. She’d been down this road before

I don’t want another one hit wonder
Don’t need another flash in the pan. 
You’re gonna need more than 15 minutes of fame 
You’re gonna need more than one night to make a stand. 

From October through September, he never missed a day
He memorized the menu. She memorized his face.
She smiled far more often. So did he.
His face was feeling flushed as he went down on his knee

I don’t wanna be a one hit wonder
Don’t wanna be a flash in the pan. 
I’m gonna need more than 15 minutes of fame 
I’m gonna need more than one night to make a stand. 

Well, they mostly fell on good times, with just a taste of bad
She’s no longer at the diner and he kicked his cup of joe 
But whenever things get tricky, he just turns to her and smiles
Remember what I told you, 60 years ago:

Instrumentation and Credits:
Guitar, Vocals: Doug Gallob
What Was He Thinking??!!??

I was messing around with the notion of a "one hit wonder" when I realized that this wanted to be a love song.

-- Doug Gallob