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"Aargh! You Can't Do That!" by Doug Gallob
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Aargh! You Can't Do That! - Doug Gallob

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Children's A silly children's song about naughty Nelly, Nelly seems to be able to get into trouble without trying too hard. The grownups are naturally frustrated, but come up with a reasonable outcome in the end. silly, children's, trouble, naughty, kids getting in trouble without trying, parent's getting frustrated
2006 Doug Gallob
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2006 Doug Gallob

Naughty Nelly had a bright red crayon (a what?) a bright red crayon

She drew a pretty picture on the wall (where?) on the wall, down the hall
Naughty Nelly showed her mommy.  Now her mommy’s really mad 
Mommy said “Aargh. You can’t do that”

Naughty Nelly had a bike with a bell (a what?) a bike with a bell

She left it in the driveway by the car (where?) right behind the car

Daddy drove it over. Now her daddy’s really mad.  
Daddy said “Aargh. You can’t do that”

Aargh!  Aargh! Aargh!
Aargh!  Aargh! Aargh!	       
You can’t do that!

Naughty Nelly had a plate of peas and carrots (a what?) a plate of peas and carrots

She made her peas and carrots go away (where?) She fed them to her doggy

Grandma saw her do it. 
Now her grandma’s really mad. 
Grandma said “Aargh. You can’t do that”

(repeat chorus)

Mommy said,  “Nelly, it’s time for time out!”
Daddy said, “Nelly, it’s time for time out!”
Grandma said, “Nelly, it’s time for time out!”
Nelly said (well, you know what Nelly said!), 
“Aargh, You can’t do that!!” 

Instrumentation and Credits:
bass, guitar, vocals, pretend drums: Doug Gallob
vocal interjections: Judy Elliott
What Was He Thinking??!!??

Had a notion for a kid song about how kids and parents interact.

-- Doug Gallob