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"Don't Call Me a Puppy" by Doug Gallob
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Don't Call Me a Puppy - Doug Gallob

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Pop ROUGH DEMO - A song about love and wanting to be treated with respect. Written for a teenage girl band who ended up not recording it. This ROUGH DEMO has male vocals. You'll have to imagine a girl singing. puppy love, new love, infatuation, respect, boundary between childhood and adulthood
2003 Doug Gallob
Copyright Registration #: SRu611-449
ASCAP Title Code: NA
Albums: NA
2003 Doug Gallob

You’ve got your bad boy looks with a bad boy dimple in your chin
You take a chunk of my heart with every flash of that bad boy grin
You’ve got a little bit of danger in your eyes and around your lips
Yeah, you coulda been a cowboy joe with a six-gun on your hips

You say you’ve been around, but you’re just as scared as me, cause
You don’t know where we’re going and you don’t know what we’ll be 
You can call me your baby, but I know way more than you think, cause 
I’ve heard about the birds and the bees and the kitchen sink, So

Don’t call me a puppy. 
And it ain’t love
But I’d give you a kiss before I’d give you a shove 
I’d run your hair through my fingers, never give it a tug
I’d wait in the rain just to give you a hug
But don’t call me a puppy
Cause it ain’t love

I can tell you’re kind of sweet when you show me that you care about me
Way down deep, where my quiet inner secrets sleep
I can tell you’re kind of kind when you open up and share
Your mind and soul cause then I know you really care

But you think you’re such a man and you haven’t even got a plan
About what to do about this thing called me and you
You can call me little girl, but I know about the big bad world
You can call me every night, but it’s your one last chance to get it right 


Yeah you think you can dismiss me, Yeah you think you can resist me, but 
you never will caress me ‘til you show you can respect me as a person 
who is searching for a deeper kind of love. … You’re not my idol or my 
star. I’m not real sure just what you are, but I’m not getting in the car until 
you show me that you know me as an equal. So you won’t see the sequel 
to what might have been a prequel to the movie of our future until .  just 
once .  I see you .  look up to me .  There you are.

Instrumentation and Credits:
vocals, bass, guitar, drums: Doug Gallob
What Was He Thinking??!!??

This song was written for a teen girl band who ended up not recording it. Even though I'm an old guy, I remember teenage love and infatuation and I remember what it feels like to wish people would treat you more like a grownup. This song is about where those two feelings intersect. It just happens to be from the female point of view

-- Doug Gallob