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"Romantic Comedy Overture" by Doug Gallob
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Romantic Comedy Overture - Doug Gallob

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Usage Info (Theme/Mood/Genre):
Genre Description Themes, Moods, Comments Additional Info
Orchestral Orchestral instrumental - overture (opening credits) to a romantic comedy. Introduces the themes of a romantic comedy: The tentativeness and suspense of first meeting, the introductions, the sweetness and gushiness of first love, settling into a comfort zone, a little bickering, the sadness of thinking it didn't work out, reconciliation, and finally hope that all will live happily ever after. romance, light, comedy,
2006 Doug Gallob
Copyright Registration #: NA
ASCAP Title Code: NA
Albums: NA
Instrumentation and Credits:
small orchestra with solos by the oboe, the first violin, and the piccolo
What Was He Thinking??!!??

This is the first of several pieces to demonstrate film writing. This was not written to a particular scene or film, but as an overture to introduce the themes of a romantic comedy. I chose to start with a light (romantic comedy) piece because it sounded like fun. Upcoming demonstrations will include suspense, action, etc....

-- Doug Gallob