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"Shovel" by Doug Gallob
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Shovel - Doug Gallob

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Country Song about the joys of working in the dirt. working, shovel, buiding fence, digging ditch, weary, but joyful,
2006 Doug Gallob
Copyright Registration #: NA
ASCAP Title Code: NA
Albums: CD1005
2006 Doug Gallob

(verse 1)
I was born with a shovel
I came out with a piece of rope
I hit the ground in leather boots
For dyin’ rich I could never hope

I been building fence all day
I been buckin’  bales of hay
I’ll be diggin’ ditch ‘til I’m old and gray
And while I’m diggin’ I will say:

Yodelayee odeloo    Yodelayee odeloo
Yodelayee odeloo    ooh ooh ooh ooh

(verse 2)
I offered up a sacrifice of blood
On the barbed wire altar of the fencing gods
From sinew to callous to steel to stone
I pray my point will find it’s home

A quarter mile on a good day
Of settin’ posts in the hot sun ray
Keep them cows in and make ‘em stay
And while I’m diggin’ I will say:

(repeat chorus)

(verse 3)
It may rain in Nashville
But here, there’s only dust
But that dusty cloud has a silver lining:
We don’t get much rust

Water will go where you tell it to go
If you learn to talk with a shovel
To make that winter hay grow high 
Will bend your back near double

God, I’m in love with the rocks 
and the dirt and the dust on this land 
You’ll all have to wait ‘til I die
To pry this shovel from my hands 

(repeat chorus)

Instrumentation and Credits:
Recorded by Just Desserts: 

Doug Gallob: vocals, bass
Bill Chapman: vocals, mandolin
Tom Chapman: vocals, guitar
Jim Loats: vocals, Dobro  
What Was He Thinking??!!??

I had the chorus chords and the yodeling melody and I knew it was about a guy working. About that time I went back to help my dad, who is a rancher, cowboy, veterinarian, with some ranch work. After that the rest of the song wrote itself.

-- Doug Gallob