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Teaching - Voice, Bass, Trombone, Music Technology

Doug Gallob teaches Voice, Bass, Trombone, Composition and Theory, Film Scoring, Audio Engineering, and Music Technology at the Academy of the Arts in Denver, Colorado.

Doug studied trombone at the University of Colorado in Boulder and voice with Dr. Scott Martin. He has been playing bass and singing for over 30 years and backs his music technology experience with an electrical engineering degree (also from CU in Boulder).

The Academy offers a huge range of experienced teachers. If you are serious about your music career, you should learn more about the Academy. You should also learn more about "All That Entertainment, Inc.", an excellent talent development company working in close association with the Academy.

Many of our alumni are oozing with gigantic, steaming chunks of raw, individual talent, so we certainly can't take all the credit for their success. But we are awfully proud of the small part we've played in launching some very successful entertainment careers: